Welcome To My New Year's Resolution!

Yes, this here is my New Year's Resolution for 2011. At the top of my list was to create a successful blog, one that I will continue with throughout the year and not just leave as a ghost town of the blogging world. After many weeks of trying to come up with a good idea, today, January 1st, I decided I would create a blog for the year.
This blog will be a running log of the rest of my year's resolutions and of the many things that 2011 will bring into my life.
I ensure you that I do not live a boring life, and there will always be something new to write about. So I hope that you enjoy!

Wednesday, February 16

A Long Week

Hello again readers! I just have to say, this past week and a half have been the busiest days so far this year. I haven't had enough time or energy to blog about every single day, so I am making up for it now. I can't remember every day's events, so I'll tell you about the most eventful days that I had.
The first of these eventful days was last Saturday, not this past one, but the one before it. That was the day that my family and Katie's family went to the Fire on Ice hockey game. It was a charity hockey game between the FDNY and Ontario Fire Dept. in California. This was their third annual game, and Ontario's first win. It was very exciting. After that game, Katie and I stayed for the professional game between Ontario Reign and Bakersfield Condors. We rooted for the home team (Ontario), and again we got to cheer for a winning team. The professional game was really entertaining. There were two fights, and one guy even lost a tooth! After the injured player was removed from the game, the announcer said, "This game is sponsored by Smile Dentistry."

This past weekend, I got to celebrate Valentine's Day a day early. I got all dolled up and headed down to San Diego to visit Alex. We got to spend the day together, and we had a lot of fun. It was so wonderful to be able to see him again. I went a whole month without being able to see in other than on Skype. I don't know how some of my friends can go so long without seeing their boyfriends. This was the longest I have been apart from him. Even before we started dating we would see each other at church every week or so. I hope I don't have to go another month before seeing him again.

Those were probably the only eventful days in the past week and a half. I promise to try to keep up the best I can for the rest of the semester. I'm going to be really busy, but I will still try for every day.

Until (hopefully) tomorrow...

Friday, February 4

A Never Ending Day

Today was officially the longest day I have ever had in quite a while. My mom woke me up at 7:20am and had me doing chores and stuff for hours. The whole time that I was doing stuff, she would keep calling me in the family room to ask me something about Facebook that was either obvious or that she already knew but for some reason or another she forgot. Sometimes I wish so desperately that Mark Zuckerburg would create an instruction manual and mail it to every person over the age of 40 that just opened a Facebook account. If my mom isn't asking questions like "how does the computer know to send so-and-so a notification after I commented?" or "when I 'like' something, why doesn't it show up on my friends' walls?" she's constantly calling me over to look at a picture of her friend's children or a 'hilarious' video that one of her friends posted. Every time she gets a new friend, she has to laugh maniacally while telling me that she's catching up to the number of friends I have. My afternoons at home consist of spelling words for her (she doesn't have spell check and gave up on using her dictionary), re-reading her statuses/comments/messages for grammatical errors, and spending countless hours looking through hundreds of pictures of her in the same pose that I also had to take for her profile picture. When we finally come to a decision on which one she likes best, I have to explain the cropping process to her to ensure her that none of her friends will see her 'pale legs' or 'tummy rolls' that she claims of having.
I love my mom. I love my mom very much. But I created a monster when I introduced her to Facebook back in August. Hopefully by the time I move out I will have taught her enough (and well enough) that she won't be frustrated with Facebook anymore. That is my goal for the summer, even if it takes up a lot of my time.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day... Until then...

Thursday, February 3

A Day of Inspiration

I almost forgot about writing today, and since I have very little time to right this, I am not prepared. Today was a very easy day at school. I had lunch with Maddie and met two other girls at the table. After that, I went to my history class and took a quiz (I didn't do as well as I hoped I would). I had to walk out of class early to go to a short conference for my communications class. It was a little awkward walking out thirty minutes before class was over, but it didn't even faze my professor.
The conference was only an hour long, and it was actually pretty interesting. It was a great alternative for not going to class; I got to go home earlier than usual. The conference consisted of four individuals sharing their talents to express their views on individuality. My favorite was the last one. The guy who spoke last also played a song on his guitar after telling his tragic and amazing story about losing part of his arm and nerves in an accident that he was told would prevent him from ever playing guitar again. His story was touching and made me think more about my own calling through Christ. I know that my calling is to educate children, but I also want to educate our church's youth on the Word of the Lord. I want to teach children about their faith and how marvelous God is. I want to teach teens that they can still live in their social craving worlds while still being strong in Christ. I want these kids to understand the importance of our faith and how much God loves them. Right now, I don't know how I will come about this, but until then, I will pray for God to show me the way.
Before I end this blog, I wanted to mention the opportunity I was introduced to this afternoon. My parents said that they may be able to afford to have me live on campus next year. And with that, I was offered to live with some of my friends in a mod on campus if we have the money. I'm praying that I will be able to afford it, because living here is becoming more and more a nightmare.
That's all for tonight's blog. Tomorrow I should write a little bit more.
Until then...

Wednesday, February 2

Energizer Bunny

Today I just could not stop going and going! This morning I got ready in almost record time, and since then I feel as if I've been moving at such a fast rate. After my first class, I immediately set out with my already packed water bottle for the track. PE starts 25 minutes after my first class, but every time I take the trolley, I am late. I don't understand how exactly this is possible, so instead of consistently being late, I decided to walk. After walking the entire ten minutes to the track, I was ready to go. We ran four laps as well as did these jumping and skipping exercises that really got my blood pumping. For lunch I had a serving of fruit and a cup of trail mix. I have a feeling that my choice in lunch had something to do with my energy the rest of the day. When school was over, I very quickly walked across East campus to meet my mom at Starbucks. I beat her to it (and she was driving).
Since I got home I feel as if I'm the Energizer Bunny. I danced a few times in the kitchen and sang "Whistle While You Work" while cleaning the dishes. I later played with Buddy to help him stay active. Now I'm finally coming to a halt. My head is telling me to slow down and to get to sleep soon, but my body is still wide awake and typing very fast, almost faster than I can think. Maybe I should get to sleep earlier tonight. I have no homework and I get to sleep in a little while tomorrow. Maybe some sleep will slow me down, at least back to a normal pace.
Until then...

Tuesday, February 1

Feelin' Like A Daisy... Guess That Drives Some Men Crazy?

It's kind of strange how one day you can feel like mud on the bottom of a shoe, and then the next day you feel like the biggest, brightest daisy in the world. Today, I didn't even attempt to doll myself up. I woke up, and in a rush, I took a shower and put on the only shirt I could find that was appropriate enough for today's weather forecast along with my wonderful jeggings. Because my favorite flip flops were dirty, I decided to just put on another pair of sandals. With only ten minutes left to get ready, I put on my makeup and threw my wet hair in a clipped bun. Within ten minutes of me being at school, I had already got two compliments on how I looked. Thinking that they were just being nice, I continued on with my day. By the time all my classes were over, I had gotten several compliments on how I looked.
The only thing I did not like about today was how many times I was checked out by guys. I know that this must sound conceded or completely crazy, but I hate it when guys check me out. First of all, I wish every guy knew that I'm already with the man of my dreams, just so that I won't be bothered any more. Secondly, I feel bad when guys look at me that way. I want nothing to do with these guys, but yet I almost feel guilty that they are looking at me. I know I shouldn't feel this way, but I do anyway.
Third of all, it's just plain awkward. It's an awkward feeling to be sitting on the trolley, minding your own business, when one guy is standing there staring at you the whole ride, only to look away when I look in his direction. It's completely obvious, especially when there is no one beside you for him to be looking at. It's also really awkward when one of the guys in your public comm class does his speech, and nearly every time he looks up from his notes he looks straight to you. The teacher wasn't even near me! The whole time I felt like the entire class was going to look at me in order to see what he was kept looking at. It's also pretty awkward when you're trying to buy yourself dinner and the guy at the cash register keeps fumbling over his words trying to make small talk with you. At least he was the most polite out of all the guys I encountered today.
Again, I know this all sounds conceded, but it really does frustrate me. From now on, even though I feel really nice and pretty today from all the compliments (not the googling eyes), I'm gonna be sure to save "dolling myself up" only for when I'm with Alex. At least then every guy will see me with him and realize they don't stand a chance... I've got the most handsome, most amazing, greatest, most wonderful, attractive man in the world! Oh yeah, and I love him with all my heart!
Until tomorrow's sweatshirt/gym pants day...

Monday, January 31

Just Another Short Blog

Today, like many days recently, I'm unfortunately going to be writing a short blog again. Today I spent the whole day at school, even longer than usual since I'm going to chapel again, and I'm exhausted. I got an adequate amount of sleep last night, and I wasn't this tired earlier, so I'm thinking that maybe I'm getting sick; I'm thinking not hoping. Maybe if I get to bed early tonight, I'll feel better. I have so much work to do tonight though, and it doesn't help that my exhaustion made me take a two hour nap. So that is why I'm writing a short blog.
In summary: This morning was decent, I really liked the chapel speaker who spoke about how our relationships create who we are and who we are with Christ. I bough a Glacier Gatorade for the first time today and it was delicious! It tasted to me like gummy bears... I LOVE gummy bears. My PE class was fine today, we got done pretty quickly. It was somewhat embarrassing though that my pushups were better than half the guys' push up. Oh well. After that, I had a nice lunch break and went to my two last classes of the day. Religion was interesting when we learned about the Jewish mythology of the supposed first wife of Adam and the wife of Cain, Lilith.
After school, I simply came home and ate some protein filled snacks in hopes to keep me awake and feeling better since the exhaustion started kicking in. Now I am to finish my history homework and get to sleep hopefully before 1am.
Until tomorrow...

Sunday, January 30

Saturday and Sunday Blog

Yesterday, I was unable to blog because by the time I got back home, it was past midnight. Katie and I went to the mall for dinner and reminisced on the our high school days (even though they only ended ten months ago). There must've been a winter formal dance going on at one of the high schools, because the diner was filled with teens in fancy dresses and nice tuxedos. Katie and I felt very old as we tried to exit after dinner and another posse of teens gushed into the building. We eventually pushed our ways through the crowd of hugging and gawking girls blocking the only way out.
After our escape of the chaos, Katie and I headed to a Red Box to rent a movie. We decided on renting Killers. When we got back to my car, the alarm went off again! After two weeks of no car alarm problems (and promising Katie that the alarm was fixed), the car started up again in its beeping fit. We sat in my car for twenty minutes before her dad arrived to help us out. Turns out that it was my car's battery this time and not just the key's battery.
We got the car started and headed back to my house to drop my car off. Finally, we made it back to Katie's house and watched the movie along with some hilarious youtube videos.

Today wasn't as eventful. Early this morning my mom and I went out for coffee and came back home and did nothing else for the rest of the afternoon. When my dad and brother came back from boyscout camp, my dad took me to the Griffith Park Observatory.

At first I was not excited about having to drive two hours to go watch a 35 minute movie that we had to pay $14 dollars to see, but in the end, I think it was worth it. The movie was about the evolution of the knowledge of the universe and the universe itself. It was a fantastic show with a live narrator and amazing graphics that moved across the domed screen unlike any movie I have seen in my life. It was amazing when they filled the screen with an image of the sky at night. It was breathtaking! I love looking at the stars, and being able to see how they would have looked without any other lights on the earth.
Now that I am home I am completely bored, so now I write this while listening to the soundtrack to Disney's Enchanted. I absolutely love that movie, it makes me feel so giddy inside!

Until tomorrow night...

Friday, January 28

Just Because I Have To

Today, I honestly had to pull myself together to be able to write this. I have no desire to write at all today. Basically, I'm depressed. I'm hoping that it goes away soon, like really soon, because I can't afford to go through this stuff again. I'm praying that this is just a one day only blues kinda thing, but experience tells me that it probably is not. I don't want to go through depression again, I really don't need this right now. I really really don't.
Until tomorrow.

Thursday, January 27

Too Tired Tonight

Yesterday's time consuming day left me feeling drab and exhausted today. It's too close to midnight to pull myself through to write a complete post for the day, so I'm just going to quickly summarize.
This morning I was able to sleep in until 9:30am because I didn't have classes until later in the afternoon. I got to school and met up with Maddie to chat for a bit and to then go to an In N' Out speaker meeting. The meeting had to do with biology and chemistry, so half the stuff the guy talked about went over my head (I was probably the only liberal studies major there), but it was still interesting. Again the blue trolley made my trip to my next class a close one, but my history professor didn't mind me coming in two minutes late. After history, I took the trolley to West campus and just barely made it on time for my public comm class. I was the second to last person to do my speech for the day, and it didn't go the way I planned, but I got some great compliments afterward.
Finally, I was home. At first I was really hyper, but as soon as I got to my room, I crashed on my bed and fell asleep. I slept for two hours, missing dinner, and waking up to my cat Patches wanting to eat his dinner, too. Not feeling that hungry anymore, I grabbed a poptart and went back onto Facebook. I had a delightful conversation with my "sister" Katie, and now I am writing this. I plan on going to bed soon, so goodnight everyone.
Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, January 26

How Time Flies!

I almost forgot to write this post today, I lost track of the time. But don't blame me, blame the day. Today's schedule was just as out of whack as my knee is (you'll understand why in a little bit).
This morning, after waking up my brother at the usual time, I went back to bed, also as usual. This time, though, I didn't have to wake up three more times to help my mom, she let me continue sleeping until my alarm went off. This was a miracle, because last night I got to sleep at almost 2am, leaving me with only 5 hours of sleep if she had woken me up again. Even though I was able to sleep in an hour longer, I still had to wake up an hour earlier than usual in order to make it to chapel on time. I haven't been to chapel in two and a half weeks, so the time change caught me off guard. Once again, I thank my mom for letting me continue sleeping.

Once I got to school, chapel seemed shorter than I remember, but it could have been because I was becoming accustomed to the mornings going by very quickly. After chapel, I went to my first class of the day, my health class. I have learned now that my teacher does not have enough information to cover in order to use up every minute of our 50 minute class every single class period this semester (but what class only worth one unit does?). After going over about 4 slides, my teacher said that we were done and she was letting us out 30 minutes early. This left me with 55 minutes until my next class, walking and jogging.
From the beginning of the semester, I despised having to take a class that had to do with running (even though it is called Walk/Jog), and I hated nearly every minute of it. I took about 10 minutes this morning to put together a gym-like outfit that was still acceptable to wear to the rest of my classes because I would not have any time to change before my next class. With some help from friends, I was able to make it to the track on time, for the first time ever! I was thankful for the lift to the track, not just because I had never made it to class on time (the trolleys run the slowest during my longest passing periods... go figure), but because of my knee making it dreadful and embarrassing to walk.
Here is where you hear about my knee. On Sunday evening, I was in the kitchen when my mom was asking me about something on Facebook. As I turned around to face her laptop, my knee bumped into a knob on the cabinet door of the island I was standing by. The knob had hit the dip on the right underside of my knee cap causing me terrible pain. At first I thought it would just leave a bruise and be painful to walk for the rest of the day, but the next day would prove me wrong. I woke up with my knee feeling somewhat better, but later that day, I would feel the pain again almost as bad as before. I had hoped that it was only hurting again because I over exerted myself trying to run the four laps for Walk/Jog earlier in the day. Another day went by and my knee continued hurting, even worse now. I have come to the conclusion that I did something to a nerve after suffering through four days now of tingly sensations, leg spasms, my entire leg falling asleep, burning pain, and sharp pinches near where I hit my knee. Now that you know about my knee situation, I can continue my story of the day.
Once at the track, I limped on to try to find my teacher to tell him about my knee. To my surprise, he wasn't there. Neither was the rest of my class. I stood there looking like a hobbling, amateur athlete while the track team took over the track for their pre-practice stretches. I like to compare my reaction to this scenario to the reaction of Captain Jack Sparrow in the web meme derived from the third POTC movie; I stood there with a look of confusion, then suddenly took off in an awkward and hasty fashion.
With no sight of my class anywhere, I assumed that it had been canceled. I should have probably spoken to someone that was on the track team to find out what was going on, but pretending to be a blithering fool who wandered mistakenly onto the track seemed like a better idea at the time. Instead of going back, I took delight in a shady spot in the school's amphitheater to sit on Facebook for an hour before heading over to my next class.
When the time came to getting on a trolley to make it to my next class on time, I was incredibly lucky. Unfortunately, my gimpy walk caused me to miss the green trolley by only a few seconds and forced me to wait "in line," or in a blob I should say, for the blue trolley. The blue trolley filled up very quickly and I worried that I wouldn't get on and that I would be late for class. If I didn't get on this trolley, there wouldn't be another for ten minutes, and my class started in four minutes. I thought of the possibility of walking, but I would end up missing at least 30 minutes of the class if I limped my way over to West Campus. The trouble with the blue trolley is the driver. The driver counts every passenger that gets on in order to fill every seat and no more. The blue trolley is the only trolley that the driver does not allow you to stand, even though it has handles to hold on to.
I heard the driver shout out "Only five more!" right as I was making my way to the front. I stepped onto the first step and he pointed to me. Nervously I kept walking while holding my breathe waiting for him to say "Sorry, no more." But he didn't! I made it on the second to last. I was so thankful.
My next class was interesting. I made it to class on time, but our professor didn't, he was a few minutes late. We then started the class discussion that seemed to last for hours when technically it was only two. After that, I made it downstairs with time to spare in order to study for my quiz in my last class for the day. We ended up talking about the time that it took to create the world (this was my religion class) and how it compared to time today. After class, I even took time to talk to my teacher about what we had learned and what we had discussed during the last class. By the time we were done talking, I would have been almost home, but it was an enlightening conversation that will keep me continuously thinking about God's love for us and how he utilizes His love.
Finally, I was on my way home. It took more time than usual because of the heavy traffic that built up while I was staying after class. And when I got home, I had many more encounters with time. I had to time the dinner that was in the oven, I had to mark down times for medicine, I calculated some time in order to figure out how long it would take to drive somewhere, and now I am realizing how much time it took me to write this. I'm hoping that I didn't take away too much of your precious time with writing so much, but I simply found today and time to be interesting.
I will be going to bed earlier tonight, too.
I am done.
Until tomorrow (around this same time)...